Work in Progress

Pretty much says it all. Everything is a Work in Progress until it is done.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

One down ....One to go

I finished one of the Mystery Socks. I put it off for a couple of weeks but it went really fast. I tried it on and it fits great! The only trouble is that it's a little tight in a shoe. But I might still wear it with shoes. Hope I can get the other done quickly also.

Here is a close up of the toe. I think this is the biggest trouble I have with socks. The toe. No matter how hard I try I always end up with boxy toes. Maybe I'll have better luck with the next one.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Long time no see......

So it has been a while since I've posted anything. I know I should of posted something a couple of days ago but I've just been so tired. We've gotten back into the swing of things at school (I work in the lunch room) but a couple of weeks, one of the cooks fell off the bus she drives and hurt herself pretty bad! She is going to be gone for at least another 2-6 weeks. Then one of the other girls were gone so another sub had to come. It's tough when you have a close group who works very well together and one (or more) is/are gone. I told the sub the other day that she was starting to fit so well we were going to keep her!

Everyone at work was very worried at the beginning of the week because it looked like the school district was going to turn the food service over to private contract. Right now, we all work for the school, with retirement and insurance. Big Boss went to a meeting day before yesterday with the PTB and it looks like we are staying the way we are! WOOHOO! Big relief! So that is most of the stuff on this end of the world. More to come.........

Saturday, September 02, 2006

A True WIP

Here it is! My Eris! Well, Ok, most of my Eris. I still have to put the sleeves in but everything eles is done. Here are the pictures!

This is the front. Notice no sleeves.

And close ups of the cabling around the top.

In case you are wondering , yes the stitches look a bit wierd, when I first learned to knit I was purling with the yarn under the needle instead of over. So it twisted all the stitches. (I'm calling it artist difference! LOL)

And here is the back and close ups of the bottom cables. Belive it or not, this was the first time I have ever done cables! I mean, I made a pair of handwarmers for DH with just a 2x2 left twist but this was increasing, decreasing, right over left, left over right, you name was in there.

I'm a little mad thou. I tried it on and it's just a touch small. I hope that I can fix it when I block it. Wish me luck on that.