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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

A new car!

The car had broke down (sort of) and we had been dealing with that. Back in May the A/C went out and so we took it to get fixed. Car is/was only about 18 months old so everything was under warrity. Fix it, broke again. No problem take it back. Fix again. Drive from Little Rock, AR (where we are) to Houston, TX (where my family is). 8 hours. In Auguest. A/C broke again! Take it back. Replace the A/C. Couple of weeks go by. Go on another long trip somewhere. A/C BROKE AGAIN!!! Scream. Take it back. Put another NEW A/C off a car they were going to sell. A/C is working, everyone is happy. Go to Houston. FREAKIN' A/C BROKE AGAIN!!!!!! Call the car place yell at poor guy who has been bending over backwards trying to help us. Take it back AGAIN. It has now been 4 months. They keep the car for 3 months trying to fix it (they did give the a loaner during all of this). Change some stupid little switch no one has ever heard of. Get the car back. Drive to school. A/C breaks. Begin laughing uncontrolable. File a Lemon Law case. Make an appointment for final repair for Jan.4th (4 days AFTER the 10 day limit). Get a letter from the home office telling us they will settle with us for $2000 but have to let them know Jan. 3rd (day before the repair) 2006!!!! (read the dates again). Send the letter to everyone we know for a good laugh. Throw letter away. Three weeks to the DAY after the final repair attemt the A/C breaks AGIAN!!!
I got a new car today! LOL. They replaced my 2005 for a BRAND NEW 2006. Woohoo! Same payments, they are paying the taxes for us. it only has 50 miles on it! Mine turned 44000 right as we pulled into the dealer lot.


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