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Thursday, October 26, 2006

I have got to update more!

Well, a lot has happened since the last time I posted. Most, ok a lot, has to do with DS. He has had his feet looked at. He is pigeon toed (yeah, thanks. Didn't know that.*sigh*). Nothing we can do about it. Just keep doing feet exercises and work on strengthen those muscles.

On the plus side, it was once again time for his yearly Developmental Evaluation. When we first begin therapies, he was 18-12 months behind in all areas. Now at 5 years old, with over 2 years of therapies, he is 8-5 months behind!!!! WOOHOO!!! His Motor skills still need a lot of work (still a year behind in them) but we are working on those hard and heavy. But in Cognition (how much you understand), he is only 5 months delayed! WOW! I am feeling so good about this. That means, when he starts Kindgarden next year he will be at the same level as most of the kids in his class (Thank goodness for Fall birthdays!) WooHOO!!!!!

We have some plans on the motor skills, he is playing baseball next year and we are signing him up for golf lessons. He got a golf set for his birthday and he LOVES going to "smack the snot out of the ball". (Good going, Momma on teaching him that phrase LOL) So we found a place here in town called The First Tee ( They are a golf course just for kids. They have lessons and tournaments, plus lots of other stuff. Can't wait. We told him that we were going to look into it and if he would like to take lessons to learn to "smack" the ball right and he really liked the idea. So wish us luck on Saturday when he takes his first lesson (other plus is with a $35 a year membership you get free group lessons). Here is a couple of pictures of the next great golf player: Please ignore the "demon"look in the first picture. He is a wonderful kid.


Blogger Susan said...

That's great news, Diana about William's progress! Ethan plays t-ball - he has done so for two summers now, and I think that will be a definite benefit for William. Ethan has his own clubs, but we haven't signed him up for lessons, yet.

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