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Monday, October 02, 2006

Only 2 more days to go.......

In 2 days, DS will finally see the pediatric orthopedic specialist. Hopefully, the end is in sight. I'm a little annoyed about it because he will be see the Nurse Practitioner and not the Doctor. He sees her first and she decides if he needs to see him! Don't get me started on THAT! I'm sorry but if I'm paying to see the SPECIALIST, I want to see THE SPECIALIST! We know he needs some leg braces (been in them before, has been working with a PT so got out of them but she thinks he needs a little something. And we agree.) but we need/want a better idea what kind to get. And if the work he is doing with his PT is enough or do they need some different exercises. Just little things like that.

In my second vent for the day.....My car is STILL in the shop! For the SAME PROBLEM! FOR THE 5 TIME WITH THE SAME TROUBLE!!!!!!!!!!!! It's been a month. I know the guy is doing what he can and he can only do what the car tech people tell him to do but they have been telling him the same thing for a month! COME ON, PEOPLE! I'm not mad at him, really. I know that sounds strange but it's true. I've heard him talking the repair guy in the background so I know he is telling me everything that is going on. I called the car company to get them to get on the ball. Maybe, hopefully, I'll have my car back in time for my trip Friday! (not counting on it, thou. LOL)


Blogger Susan said...

I'm keeping my fingers crossed, and hope that you are able to see the specialist! Keep us posted!

10:46 PM  

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